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Munitrap is one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in Docklands

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We specialise in customer acquisition and deliver a service that produces guaranteed results in a cost-effective manner. This is done through direct contact with customers using face to face skills. Whilst many companies in the UK are downsizing, we are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Unlike majority of companies, we do not rely on technology for business. It is the human aspect that pushes us forward, hence why our key focus is on our people and business development. Our business believes in hard work, dedication, positive attitude and self motivation. Munitrap was established in 2018 and has had a phenomenal growth working with a variety of clients. Our major success and aim for expansion has come from reputable clients along with the rapid progression in business development made by individuals within the company. We will continue to meet our client’s high demands and prove that our marketing strategies are the most effective channels to generate new customers on a large scale which allows individuals to progress in their career. Our goal in future is to take a business from Europe to Africa, Asia, USA and South America.

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This is tailored for the individual who is truly ambitious and committed to building a great career within the direct sales industry. Here at Munitrap, we do not require individuals to have enormous experience within the sales and advertising field. If you have a flare for excellent customer service and is motivated within a result/target driven environment, we provide all the support you need to help you along your journey to personal advancement.